The Pleasure's All Mine

Collected together as a complete set for the first time, this 3 LP vinyl edition contains all 31 timeless recordings from Jimmie's various 'Blues, Ballads and Favorites' recording sessions. ‍ Disc 1: The Pleasure's All Mine / Come Love / Im Leaving It Up To You / Comin And Goin / Wheel Of Fortune / How Can You Be So Mean / Just A Little Bit / Lonely Weekends / I Miss You So / Rm Blues Disc 2: Roll Roll Roll / Send Me Some Lovin / Why Why Why / She's Got The Blues For Sale / Funny How Time Slips Away / I Ain't Never / No Use Knocking / Teardrop Blues / I Hang My Head And Cry / It's Been A Long Time ‍ Disc 3: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do / What Makes You So Tough / Greenbacks / I'm In The Mood For You / I Ain't Gonna Do It No More / Cried Like A Baby / Oh Oh Oh / Im A Love You / The Rains Came / Bad Bad Whiskey / Shake A Hand

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